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by Warren McLaren, Sydney on 10.25.07

Design & Architecture (lighting)
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Couple of years ago we ran a post on a German supplier of Solarbricks, solar powered imbedded path lighting. One commenter wondering if such things were available Stateside. A while back a Japanese/American firm, Solar Cynergy, did get in touch to alert us to their product of very similar nature.

The Solar LED Series can be used for the residential purposes indicated in our first post, but Solar Cynergy also indicate that they’ve a line that is specifically suited to what they call ‘city and transportation’ applications, like carparks, pedestrian walkways, etc.

Two to eight light emitting diodes (LEDs) encased in polycarbonate resin are combined with a small photovolatic cell to power the lights for up to about 15 hours after an 8 hour charge in sunlight. Energy is stored via capacitor technology, negating the need for batteries. Available with a 10 year warranty the lights are said to last for more than 25 years, even if it rains, or folk drive on top of them. ::Solar Cynergy via tip from John H.


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