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Solar Cynergy Solar LED Images at the Irvine, CA Great Balloon Park

July 22, 2008
Solar Cynergy Solar LEDs installed into Irvine Great Balloon Park Runway

Solar Cynergy Solar LEDs installed into Irvine Great Balloon Park Runway Cynergy CSL6009 flashing solar LED city & transportation models

Solar Cynergy CSL6009 units embeded into the runway and charging during the remaining daylight hours

Solar Cynergy CSL6009 units embeded into the runway and charging during the remaining daylight hours


Solar Cynergy featured in!

December 10, 2007

Solar Cynergy – Embedded Solar LED Lighting

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Planning a landscape project? How about solar lighting? Well, these are not your typical lighting you buy from your local hardware store. These are designed to be embedded into the pavement. The folks at Solar Cynergy have introduced a LED lighting product for residential use. The lights can be set into stonework, gravel, or even soil to provide accents or create a safe walk or driveway. It comes in circle, square or rectangle shape and colors (red, blue, white).

Going green: UC Berkeley leads the way! (As a Cal Alum, I just had to)

November 15, 2007

Going green: UC Berkeley leads the way Video

View the 7 minute flash video set on campus at: 

14 November 2007

UC Berkeley has taken global warming and environmental protection seriously, establishing many new energy-related research centers, including the new Energy Biosciences Institute, which will focus on better technologies for producing biofuels — fuels made from plants. The campus has also set new requirements for campus conservation, and students are directly involved in the process. (7-minute Flash video, produced by Roxanne Makasdjian)

Solar Cynergy featured in!

November 5, 2007

Always have to support my fellow Berkeley colleagues. Check out a great blog on solar technology and news!

Solar Cynergy

Posted on November 2, 2007 by David Llorens.
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Solar Street Light

Solar Cynergy is putting solar to use in a new way. Street lighting. Connecting a series of in-street lighting or address marker lighting to a grid is a pain. Dig, dig, dig… annoy, annoy, annoy. So Solar Cynergy has done the obvious. Charge up those lights during the day when you don’t need them, and have them throw off solid LED light at night. Here’s to people putting solar to use in creative ways.


Quick video showing how Solar Cynergy works!

October 24, 2007

CoolProduct posted a quick video showing Solar Cynergy Solar LEDs in action. The units simply charge during the day and at dusk, a photosensor triggers and illuminates!

Check it out!

Solar Energy 101 – Very informative presentation at Google

October 17, 2007

For those of you that love the idea of solar but know little about the mechanics behind it, provided a great informational piece at Google. A definite must see for those of us interested in the basics of Solar energy systems. Enjoy!

Solar Cynergy now online at!

October 17, 2007

Solar Cynergy’s Solar LED line is now available at, your trusted source for green products!

Check out’s history and commitment to the green community!

Our Mission & Vision
Our mission at BuyGreen is to become your most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, and the most enjoyable shopping experience.

We believe that the power to make change rests with the individual consumer.  The products you buy every day make a difference.  Eco-friendly products are healthier for you and better for the planet.  In addition, when a large group of consumers choose to “buy green”, the market will respond with greater variety, more innovation and lower prices for green products and services.

We created this site in response to our own search for earth-friendly products.  Like you, we want to buy products that are better for our families and our planet.  As we have discovered however, finding green products and understanding what if anything makes them green can be challenging and time consuming.

We believe that there is a better way to buy green products.  At BuyGreen, we want to provide the best possible buying experience by offering a wide range of products, the tools you need to understand why a product qualifies as ‘green’, and superior customer service.  Our goal is for BuyGreen to be your primary destination for green products, services, and green living information.

How Green Are We
At BuyGreen, we are dedicated to developing a sustainable business.  In every aspect of our operations, from product shipment to office supplies, we look to reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimize use of resources.  After reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible through these efforts, we purchase carbon offsets to reach our goal of a zero waste footprint.  We are approved by Co-Op America, give 1% of our sales back to environmental causes through One Percent for the Planet, and support various environmental and social causes closer to home.


Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Some product shots & applications!

October 3, 2007

Solar Cynergy Poolside

Solar Cynergy Sidewalk accent

A sample of our RSC-100 Solar LED Series (Please excuse the lighted studio shots, the units are much brighter in a night setting)

Solar Cynergy RSC 100 series

RSC 500
Solar Cynergy RSC 500 series

RSC 900
Solar Cynergy RSC 900 Series

Solar Cynergy – Solar LEDs – A Smarter Light!

October 2, 2007

Stay tuned for project updates and press releases!

View our Solar LED lighting in Team Georgia Tech’s Solar Home entry at the Solar Decathlon 2007 in Washington DC from October 12-20th!

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Solar Cynergy 2007!