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Solar Cynergy Solar LEDs in City of Irvine’s Great Balloon Park!

July 9, 2008

With the grand opening of the city of Irvine’s Great Balloon park taking place this upcoming July 12th, we wanted to invite everyone to partake in the Festival of Flight and experience free hot air balloon rides amongst other fun activities for the entire family.

The Great Park Balloon is the first major attraction of the Orange County Great Park, a 1,347 acre public space on the site of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Orange County, California.

Passengers will soar between 250-400 feet above the surrounding landscape, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the retired air station’s transformation into the first great metropolitan park of the 21st Century.

Solar Cynergy has been working with the Balloon Park designers to go green and integrate commercial grade solar LED technology as landscape hazard and accent lighting. The Balloon Park will be using Solar Cynergy CSL 6009 solar LED fixtures in the surrounding areas as these models are completely self contained (with no additional wiring) and completely solar powered.

We are extremely excited to be working on such a great and sustainable minded project and look forward to seeing you all of you this weekend. For more information, please visit and

For any immediate questions, please feel free to contact John Huang at


Solar Cynergy featured in!

December 10, 2007

Solar Cynergy – Embedded Solar LED Lighting

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Planning a landscape project? How about solar lighting? Well, these are not your typical lighting you buy from your local hardware store. These are designed to be embedded into the pavement. The folks at Solar Cynergy have introduced a LED lighting product for residential use. The lights can be set into stonework, gravel, or even soil to provide accents or create a safe walk or driveway. It comes in circle, square or rectangle shape and colors (red, blue, white).

Solar Cynergy announces Nature Neutral as Virginia distributor!

November 1, 2007

Solar Cynergy announces Nature Neutral as Virginia territory distributor!


Nautre Neutral Logo

Nature Neutral offers environmentally preferable products and building suppliesfor construction, renovation and everyday living. We believe our alternative building materials offer the best combination of quality, safety, and affordability to make your home or business healthier and more environmentally friendly for everyone who lives or works there.

Whether you need green building supplies for home renovation, home building, commercial construction, LEED certification or industrial applications we can help you create a healthier and safer environment both inside and outside because our environmentally preferable products are all made with non-toxic or less toxic substances.

For order inquiries please feel free to visit or contact John Meggs at

Solar Cynergy featured in VentureBeat! (live post Sept 19th)

October 29, 2007

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Solar Cynergy, for zero-energy outdoor lighting
By Chris Morrison 09.19.07

Makers of outdoor light-emitting diode (LED) technology usually aim at replacing public street lights, which sap large amounts of energy over time. A company called Solar Cynergy has instead chosen to focus on the residential outdoor decorative lighting market.

LEDs consume less power than incandescent bulbs, the standard lighting used everywhere. LEDs are a developing technology that may one day beat fluorescents for energy efficiency, and also have an extremely long life-span. Their low power requirements mean they can be combined with a small solar cell and capacitor to drop off the power grid entirely.

Solar Cynergy’s initial outdoor product is a “brick” that is installed in the ground and covered by a polycarbon shield strong enough to drive a truck over. During the day, the solar cell inside soaks up sunlight, storing the energy in its capacitor. At night, the light comes on automatically. A single day of weak sunlight is enough to power the LED for several days, according to the company, and the lights can last as long as 25 years.

Competitor Hotbeam sells a nearly identical product, although the “SolarBrick” has a more visible solar panel. Solar Cynergy has also begun making lights designed for cities, such as cross-walks illuminators.

solarcynergy1.jpgSolar Cynergy has started out targeting the high-end residential market, to cover its high component costs: A pack of six round lights costs about $799 wholesale. John Huang, an associate of the company, blames manufacturing costs and a 20-40 percent markup that will be reduced over time.

But with the price of both LEDs and solar paneling coming down by at least 10 percent each year, and production ramping up, it won’t be long until the lights are within reach for ordinary homeowners. Solar Cynergy currently sells only through a handful of distributors, who resell to construction companies and contractors across the country, but recently signed a contract to sell through SmartHome, an online retailer.

Prashant Shewa, CEO of the company’s Japanese parent Shewas Inc., claims that Solar Cynergy is run by only six employees and already takes in about $7 million annually. Its early success is an indicator of the expanding market for energy-conscious products in every aspect of consumer’s lives.

For more on cleantech LED designs, see our posts on D.Light Design and Metrolight.


Quick video showing how Solar Cynergy works!

October 24, 2007

CoolProduct posted a quick video showing Solar Cynergy Solar LEDs in action. The units simply charge during the day and at dusk, a photosensor triggers and illuminates!

Check it out!

Congratulations to Georgia Tech team at Solar Decathlon!

October 22, 2007

After an amazing show, the Georgia Tech Solar Decathlon team ranked in the top amongst its competitors. Truly an exceptional home. We are extremely proud to have supplied our Solar LEDs to accent the home’s brilliant luminescent glow.

Solar Cynergy Solar LED at Solar Decathlon


Solar Decathlon Georgia Tech


Solar Cynergy is No. 1 on CalFinder’s 7 Coolest Planet-Friendly Remodeling Products!

October 19, 2007
  1. Outdoor Lights Gone Stellar
    solar lightsOutdoor lights make decks, driveways, and stairs safer and more festive. Now they can also be environmentally friendly with solar lights, found on Unlike your average decorative lights, solar lights are charged by the sun during the day and can last up to twenty-five years without batteries. They’re made to fit right into your landscape surface and are strong enough to withstand the impact from a small truck.
  2. Recycled Bath Water
    garden angelPerpetual Water banned lawn watering then decided to take another, proactive approach. The company created devices, like GardenAngel, that clean and filter water from washing machines, showers, and sinks before sending it to the sprinkler system.
  3. Forest-Free Floors
    Using wood products does not have to mean destroying ancient rainforests. Hardwood flooring products by EcoTimber come from well-managed forests, fast-growing bamboo, or reclaimed flooring.
  4. Wood Floors – Without the Wood
    An alternative to using wood from well-managed forests is using engineered lumber, provided by Alternative Building Services. Made from laminated veneer lumber, laminated strand lumber, and medium density fiberboard, engineered lumber is stronger than its sawn counterpart.
  5. Nature-Inspired Paint
    The 40 YOLO ColorHouse paint colors are inspired by nature’s palette. It is environmentally responsible paint made with zero volatile organic compounds.
  6. Sun in a Tube
    Unlike a skylight or sun-charged solar light, Solatube lights capture and redirect sunlight using reflective surfaces. A diffuser installed at ceiling-level will spread light evenly throughout the room.
  7. Countertops: The Newest in Recycled Paper
    These countertops made by Paperstone are made from 50 to 100% recycled paper, do not use petroleum-based phenols, and are formaldehyde free.

To learn more about CalFinder “the source for certified remodeling contractors” visit them at!

Solar Cynergy now available at SMARTHOME!

October 16, 2007

Solar Cynergy’s Solar LED Lighting is now available at SMARTHOME (, the world’s largest home automation retailer!


Who Is Smarthome?
In business since 1992, Smarthome is the world’s largest home automation retailer, with over 5,000 affordable lighting, security, and home entertainment products that the average do-it-yourselfer can safely install. Smarthome’s friendly customer service & expert technical support team is available seven days a week to answer all your questions.

Get your Solar Cynergy Solar LEDs at now!

Solar Cynergy Solar LED lighting now available at!

October 15, 2007

Solar Cynergy’s Solar LED lighting line is now available at the premier online lighting store! has added Solar Cynergy to its product line and is now live!

Ylighting is Modern Lighting.

Solar LED Lighting at

Offering an extensive selection of modern and contemporary lighting fixtures, Solar Cynergy’s line is an ideal complement to Ylighting’s residential and commercial focus.

Get your Solar Cynergy Solar LED Lighting at now!

Solar Cynergy – Solar LEDs – A Smarter Light!

October 2, 2007

Stay tuned for project updates and press releases!

View our Solar LED lighting in Team Georgia Tech’s Solar Home entry at the Solar Decathlon 2007 in Washington DC from October 12-20th!

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